Angie Petty is a proud resident of South Weber, Davis County’s northernmost city, where she lives with her incredible husband of 16 years and their 3 amazing kids. Currently serving on the City Council, she has led the city during its most pivotal time of growth and strategic planning during her nearly 7 years as a council member. She has served in several capacities during her tenure, including: Chair of the Municipal Utilities Committee, Parks and Recreation Committee, and the Youth City Council, as well as Vice-Chair of the Public Relations Committee, and Gravel Pit Liaison. She is currently serving her second year as Mayor Pro Tempore.

Some of her accomplishments include:
– Increased communication with residents through various new outlets, including an overhaul of the City website
– New community events
– A multi-acre park improvement including all phases of design through groundbreaking
– New public works facility (scheduled to be complete 12/24)
– Transitioned the Fire Department from a part-time service model, to a 24 hour-staffed model
– New ambulance and wildland fire programs
– New street light policy and acquisition model to better serve residents while saving money
– RAP program to add amenities to the community.
– Updated City’s General Plan
– Integral in getting FIBER internet to the City

Angie takes her role on the city council seriously and appreciates the trust her fellow residents have placed in her to be a steward of their wonderful city. She looks forward to representing Davis County with the same level of leadership and fiscal responsibility.

– Angie petty